[duxhelp] Re: Swift and Ms.word

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  • Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 14:33:04 -0700

Hi Geo
  Hi George:
  It turns out the problem doesn't lie with swift, it's a broken installation 
of Word, which I can do nothing about. I have coaxed to start, after about 15 
seconds, so it will initiate DBT from word. I've had to do several attempts on 
word to make it get this far. So,in the final analysis, probably nothing 
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  Hi Jack,

  Exactly what do you do to arrive at a point where you get this message?


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    Hi all:

    I can't seem to get swift to function. It can't seem to find a valid 
version of DBT. The submenue is "Duxbury Braille. I am led to believe that 
swift is automatically installed, and so it must be as the DBT menu on word 
seems to disappear when DBT is removed,

    Will keep trying


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