[duxhelp] Re: Still loosing focus after ms-word import

  • From: "Ian Robinson" <ian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 20:02:52 +0100


If you're still stuck for ideas, how about trying JAWS without the DBT scripts 
in use.  I'm not trying to cast a slur on Caryn's scripts in any way, but it 
would be one less factor in the loop.

if you do move the scripts to another folder on a temporary basis, I suggest 
you restart the computer (or at least unload and reload JAWS), before trying 
DBT again.



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  From: Westmoreland, J. R. 
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  Subject: [duxhelp] Still loosing focus after ms-word import

  With beta3 I'm still loosing the focus on the application after doing a 
ms-word import.
  There is a warning box that appears after the import that indicates that the 
embosser settings will not fix with the default, or something like that.

  When I click "ok" on the open box, after selecting the template and importer, 
there is a pause then jaws says "duxbury braille translator" twice then a very 
long pause as the file is imput then I have to alt+tab to get focus on the 
window again where I see the warning.

  Anyone else seeing this?
  Any ideas?

  J. R.

  J. R. Westmoreland
  Telecomm Data Communications
  Phone: (801) 220-4784


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