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Hello from Paris:

I support Michael's wish. Even in French the translation of this apostrophe
is quite odd (3 characters).

Of course it's possible to modify the behaviour of MS Word (Tools, 
Automatical corrections: "Replace " with ­« » ". This works well for next 
documents you will type. But for files you receive in attachment or you 
download, it can be sometimes quicker to Copy/Paste than to import a Word 

FYI: this apostrophe used by Word is the decimal #0146 code (in the 8859-1 
or Latin-1 table). You can type it on your own keyboard maintaining the 
Alt-key and striking 0146 on the Numpad (with the Num Lock key on).

Bonne journée.

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Ever since we installed 10.5 we have had a problem with embossing files
that have been created with Word. Because Word by default replaces
quotes and apostrophes with "smart" versions, this has placed strange
characters into the resulting Braille. We are happy to report that this
has been corrected with this version in regards to quotes. However, the
apostrophes still appear to have a problem. This is shown when a user
pastes the text from a Word document, but not when it is opened from

When we open the file we get:
,? wdn't "w prop]ly 9 ! la/ v].n4

When we paste the text we get:
,? wdn0,;t "w prop]ly 9 ! la/ v].n4

Please note the extra characters in the second line. For reference
purposes I have included the Word file.

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