[duxhelp] Re: Slow display with 10.5 and 10.6

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  • Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 11:53:54 +0100

Hello Peter and all,

I am replying on the list to your latest e-mail concerning the
"slow-display" problem as it may be of some interst to others.

On the computer where the installation of 10.6 had afected the behavior of
10.5, upgrading to SR1 has indeed mostly solved the probelm. Display is not
quite as immediate as it was previously, but it no longer "freezes" before
showing the word that's being written.

We'll install SR1 on other computers running on Windows 2000 where we have
encountered that problem ssystematically since 10.5 and will let you know if
there is any improvement on those, too.

I'll get back to you in private about yet another problem of activation àf

Best regards

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  Hello Yves,

  Reinstalling DBT is normally quite simple; I didn't mean to suggest
  otherwise.  However, DBT will allow itself to be activated for 45 days
  the first time it is installed.  If you mean to reset that too, then I
  suppose that you might be able to do it by reformatting the hard drive.

  When things do go wrong with installation and removal, it is best to check
  on a case-by-case basis what can be done to get things back in working
  order.  I don't like to give out general rules for the simple reason that
  don't have any general rules myself.

  We do believe that we know what has been the proximate cause of the slow
  display problem.  However, the only solution, if we are correct, is to
  upgrade to DBT 10.6.  I don't know why installing DBT 10.6 would affect
  10.5 in any way.  There is no connection between the two as far as I can
  understand, and I've never been a firsthand witness to such a connection.
  However, one other customer who has reported a similar problem with DBT
  also reported that DBT 10.5 started acting up at the same time, and would
  not behave even after both versions were removed and reinstalled.  I
  explain that observation.  However, I can tell you that this customer has
  been satisfied with a revision that we are including in DBT 10.6 SR1.

  Best Regards,


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  Hello Peter,

  It seems indeed that something went wrong when we tried to install and
  activate 10.6 on that computer. It is precisely because we noticed that
  , which was working fine until then, was affected by the "slow-display
  misbehavior", that we decided to deactivate and disinstall 10.6 to get
  to square one. Unfortunately, in doing so, 10.5 got deactivated too and we
  received a DBT "Remove Code - don't delete.txt" file (se attachment). We
  sent it to the address you gave us and after receiving a reply sayng to
  again, we got an error message which we sent back to that address.

  On the other hand, do you mean that if anything goes wrong during the
  installation of DBT, there is no way of reinstalling it, except
  your hard disk ?

  Last but not least : you wrote that you are hoping to have that
  "slow-display" problem fixed for SR1 ; does it mean that you have some
  as to what may be causing it or as to how to minimize the risks with
  versions ?

  Best regards


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  I am familiar with the "slow display" problem, though I've never
  seen it

  Nevertheless, it has been my belief that we've fixed this for DBT
  10.6 SR1.
  This is on of the principle reasons that I am endeavoring to get
  software shipping soon.

  I've never known removal of DBT 10.6 to deactivate DBT 10.5.  And,
  in truth,
  I'm not even sure how it could do so.  The installer for DBT 10.6
  does not
  contain any of the data that would be required to deactivate DBT

  Once either DBT 10.5 or DBT 10.6 has been installed and removed, it
  again be installed for a 45-day trial period.  This precludes
  starting over
  "from scratch" in some sense.  Also, if you remove either DBT 10.5
  or DBT
  10.6 at a time when your internet connection (or ours) is not
  then activating again after re-installation may be a problem.  There
  be a file placed on your desktop when this happens.  You should send
  file to activation@xxxxxxxxxx to have the problem resolved.
  However, other
  than these two issues, I'm not aware of any other impediment to
  removal and re-installation with either version.

  Best Regards,


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  Subject: [duxhelp] Slow display with 10.5 and 10.6

  Hello all,

  With 10.5 we had already been confronted with this problem of "slow
  on several of our machines running on Windows 2000. What happens is
  when you start writing in a dxp or dxb file, it can take a few
  before the text is actually displayed, which is much of a

  Now, what is even mor puzzling is that the same problem occurs,
  installing 10.6, on a machine where 10.5 was working fine. Besides,
  machine runs on Windows 98, unlike the first ones where the problem
  appeared which were running on 2000.

  We are really in a dead end because when deactivating 10.6 to
  disinstall it,
  10.5 was also deactivated and cannot be reactivated. So we
  reinstalled 10.6
  and reactivated it, but nothing changed, which is not surprising
  since we
  were not presented with any of the initial choices of a first

  Has anybody on the list encountered the same problem of "slow
  display" and
  been able to fix it, and is there a way, when DBT has not been
  properly for some reason, to disinstall it completely to start again
  scratch ?

  thanks in advance for any reply on these very tricky issues

  best regards


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