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Hi Pascale,

Sorry if you receive an earlier incomplete message.  My
system at home here is being silly tonight.

It does appear that that some new problems have appeared in
DBT 10.5.  I am trying to establish exactly what they are.

As regards [vcs... I've attached a file from an expert user
which I hope will make sense.

Guidewords - I hope Peter Sullivan has explained, but I will
try to make simple just in case.  These are what appear in,
for example, a dictionary.  They usually appear at the top
of a print page, and will often just give the first three of
four letters of the first word on the page, and the first
three or four letters of the last word on the page.

As regards the lp Codes and the svant Codes, it does appear
there may be problems, so please simply leave those items
from your transtion efforts for just now.

I am working with someone to try and find out what is wrong.

All the best,

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I'am Pascale ISEL from AVH PARIS, and we are working to
translate the 10.5'S documentation into French.
I need some explanations about some codes that I don't
clearly understand.
Thanks in advance for your help,

Codes [lps] and [lpr]:
I understand what they do, but not when they can be useful.
I read the example in the Help menu, but it is not clear...

Codes [meg] and [mec]: I don't understand what "guidewords"

Code [svant]: I don't understand what "anticipator" means.

code [vcs:M:N]
I very well understand the [vcs]...[vce] codes, but the
meaning of the parameters is not very clear: I made several
experiences with different parameters after [vcs], I notice
that it changes the number of blank lines above and under
the text, but I can't explain the rule.

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