[duxhelp] Re: Redefing the braille keyboard

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I think that we'll be able to fix this.

However, given the information I have about French keyboard layouts, it
appears that you are choosing a very strange set of keys indeed.  Perhaps
instead of:


You mean:


Recall that the first of these characters represents dot 1, not dot 3.

Moreover, it doesn't appear to me that the key for * will generally be next
to the key for ù.  The key for * appears to me to be out of reach, so we
don't currently allow its use for braille entry.

Should we allow *?  It is easy to make this change.

- Peter

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Precisely, that's what I did. Here is what I get when I try wxcmù* (in
AZERTY) or sdf456 :

You must type exactly six keys in as the "Six-Key Key Set."  The keys you
type represent, in order, what you will type for Dots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
when entering braille by six-key chording.

Best regards,

Message de Peter Sullivan, à 15:41 12/05/06
>Hello Jean-François,
>Have you tried overriding the key set used by using Global, View 
>Preferences?  This is the sixth item in the Global menu.  The last 
>control in the menu allows you to enter the keys that should be used 
>for six-key entry.
>- Peter
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>Subject: [duxhelp] Redefing the braille keyboard
>Hi all,
>Though we are lucky enough with the keyboards we are using for braille 
>input, I just found out one which would *perhaps* fit, provided we can 
>use other keys than alphabetical ones (typically, for example, using 
>the numeric keypad with the right hand, or,  a combination like wxc;'\ 
>(in QWERTY, which would mean wxcmù* in AZERTY)
>But when I try to define such a combination, DBT seems not to find an 
>exact number of keys entered.
>Is there a way to bypass this limitation?
>J.-F. C.

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