[duxhelp] Question 99 - Embosser Setup

  • From: "George Bell" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 22:21:26 -0000

OK.  This is a hairy one, but I feel strongly enough to
throw the question out to all of you.

If you have multiple users of DBT, and/or more than one
embosser in use, please bear with me and read on.

Some background:

You all know I'm a Duxbury dealer, and one who is perhaps
slightly more passionate about DBT than normal.  (If that
makes me an eccentric, so be it - smile!)  However, I'll try
to make my point in simplish terms.

The current concept:

At the moment, DBT's Embosser setup is set up in such a way
that it applies to the entire PC.  One for all, and all for

For a single user, or even for a family, using one PC with
different passwords, one embosser and one size of paper in
that embosser, that's probably fine.

My problem: (Even if it is only a British issue)

Many of my users are schools, colleges and universities, or
major charities with dozens of work stations on a network.

They often have two or more braille embossers.

Moreover, they have many members of staff who will
specifically not always use the same work station or

However, each member of staff and indeed each student, will
have what is called a "Roving Profile".  In short, when they
log on to ANY workstation, enter their Username and
Password, they will have all their personal settings
available to them.

Those of you who have JAWS 6 installed on a system where you
have different users set up will appreciate what this means.

So your wife, husband, child, or friend can log in with
their Username and Password, and any changes they have made
will be retained for them exclusively.

The question:

Should DBT's complete settings follow suite?  And
specifically including embosser settings?

More background - and example:

Student "A" normally uses a Braille Blazer - 34 cells by 25
lines.  But student "B" prefers 32 cells by 25 lines.  They
can use any of 20-30 different PC's in the Library, or maybe
even the same PC.

So we are back to the question of embosser settings per
machine (PC) or per user.

Argument against per user:

It means that each user, of which there could be dozens, has
to set up their own configurations.  Lots of work.

Argument for per user:

- No more conflict with embosser settings.

- Is in keeping with general Windows "Roving Profile"

O.K.  I'll duck below the wire for now.


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