[duxhelp] Re: Problem with 4X4 pro (continued)

  • From: David Holladay <david@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 10:53:41 -0400

Yes, there have been issues with the Index 4x4.

I made many assumptions about the Index 4x4 in the past. I visited Sighted Electronics in NJ (USA) September 2005 to learn more about it. Based on that visit, I made radical changes to how the Index 4x4 has been supported in DBT. These changes abandoned non-folio output and focused on folio output only.

When we tried to support non-folio output, we had problems. I have some e-mails into Index in Sweden and hope to better support the Index 4x4 for all of its modes.

If you can tell me if you have had success with DBT and non-folio output, that might help me quite a bit.

-- David Holladay

At 06:43 AM 2/16/2007, you wrote:
Hello all,

I went through a series of e-mails concerning problems with 4X4 pro embossers and I understand that David Holaday is about to make some changes in the emb.elt file to fix them. Hoping this will help, heres my feedback on what we have observed since installing 10.6.

Whilst we had no problem embossing with 10.5 using 12_n for A4 paper, with 30 characters per line AND 27 lines per page, we have observed that the corresponding 12_n form no longer exists in the new emb.elt file. Instead, we have to use

Form "A4_folio", where the parameters don't appear to be correct. They read

Form "A4_folio" = 83 x 117; DoublePage ; 22 x 20 ; 20 x 20

instead of what we had with 10.5 which was

Form "12_n" = 85 x 120 ; SinglePage ; 34 x 30 ; 32 x 28


Form "12_w" = 115 x 120 ; SinglePage ; 42 x 30 ; 40 x 28

Could the 12_n (and maybe the 12_w also) form be restored with the right parameters in order to ensure compatibility with 10.5 ? Or could the parameters for "A4_folio" be corrected to get back to what we had with the equivalent paper size ?

Besides, I don't know if there is any connexion between the two problems, but with 10.6, when we use the same template based on a format of 30 characters and 27 lines on all our computers, we systematically get a message saying :

Ce document formaté pour papier de taille " 12_n ", sur une embosseuse non définie (" Embosseuse par défaut ").

Corriger ceci dans la boîte de dialogue " configuration de l'embosseuse " du menu " Document " ; vous devez choisir une embosseuse et une taille de papier d'au moins 27 lignes et 30 caractère pour éviter le reformatage du document.

(see screenshot in attachment). this mesage is misleading because it suggests that the document is ill-formated, which is not correct, so it should be either removed or modified as a warning rather than an error message.

Best regards


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