[duxhelp] Re: Page numbers throw off the formatting of a long TOC

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The issue that you describe below is indeed one that is known to us -- and
one that we knew would be an issue before we started shipping the TOC
generator with DBT 10.5.

You can avoid this by creating blank headers and footers, if necessary, to
avoid using the top and bottom lines.  These headers and footers would then
be cancelled at the end of the table of contents.

We faced two potential problems when considering whether to automate this

1. DBT's formatter doesn't have a ready mechanism which we could use to
implement the desired behavior.  More on this later.

2. We weren't certain that everybody (worldwide) would want it to work that

So we left it to the user to manage this issue by hand.  That does mean that
TOC generation, in order to work properly, needs a degree of sophistication.

Now we could resolve issue #1 by adding a pair of new code, which I'll call
for the sake of argument [flreqs] and [flreqe] ("full lines required" start
and end).  Using [flreqs] would be like creating a blank header and/or
footer, but only if needed to keep the formatter from using parts of lines
otherwise occupied with page numbers.  Using [flreqe] would reverse this
effect.  These codes -- particularly [flreqs] -- are a bit trickier to
implement than they might sound, because the presence of a page number on a
line might not be known when we start to fill that line.  (Such cases will
be rare, but we need to anticipate them.)  So we have put off trying to
implement this until there was a real demand.

Issue #2 could easily be resolved with an end-user option.

This isn't likely to be resolved for DBT 10.6.  We're done now adding
features, having already added at least two more than wisdom would permit.

Does the solution that I've outlined sound like a workable one?

- Peter

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Hi again.  This is the second issue that was pointed out to me by someone
regarding 10.5 which seems to be present in 10.6. 
Given a table of contents that spans multiple pages, the presence of the
braille page number in the bottom right corner throws off the formatting of
the final item on the page.  As evidence, before and after screen shots.  On
the first screen shot, page numbering is set to begin with page two.  The
bottom of the Table of Contents in braille appears like this:

When I change page numbering to begin with page one, the final line on page
one is not aligned with other entries as can be seen here:

Should the braille page number be on a line by itself if a table of contents
spans multiple pages?
Take care.

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