[duxhelp] Re: Page numbers throw off the formatting of a long TOC

  • From: Melissa Hirshson <lissa@xxxxxxx>
  • To: duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 22:30:18 -0400

Not knowing much about programming, :) is there a reason why the software can't adjust itself to go around the page numbers? It is true that we can set up a running footer, but that is an extra step, and perhaps a complicated one for a beginner. If at all possible, it would be very nice to not have to do this extra step.


Susan wrote:


Table of contents entries cannot appear on a line with the braille page number. It's necessary to set up a blank running footer before you start the contents. Discontinue the running footer when you're done with the contents and text will once again go on the last line.


Joanmarie Diggs wrote on 4/17/2006, 2:14 PM:

Hi again. This is the second issue that was pointed out to me by someone regarding 10.5 which seems to be present in 10.6. Given a table of contents that spans multiple pages, the presence of the braille page number in the bottom right corner throws off the formatting of the final item on the page. As evidence, before and after screen shots. On the first screen shot, page numbering is set to begin with page two. The bottom of the Table of Contents in braille appears like this:
When I change page numbering to begin with page one, the final line on page one is not aligned with other entries as can be seen here:
Should the braille page number be on a line by itself if a table of contents spans multiple pages?
Take care.

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