[duxhelp] Re: Not able to ge desired lines per braille page.

  • From: Dave Durber <dadurber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 11:26:32 -0400

I own three Index Basic-D braille embossers. Firmware version II,
software version 4.40 installed.

Since the beginning of the Beta Cycle for the release of DBT 10.5, I
have been trying to understand why I cannot emboss the desired number
of lines per page from the embosser when using DBT 10.5.

Following are the settings that I set in the Basic-D:

Group Page Layout Menu

Characters Per Line: 30

Left Margin: 0

B Margin: 0  (This is actually Binding Margin).

Top Margin: 1

Bottom Margin: 0

Line Spacing: 5.2  (At this setting, with the top margin set to 1, the
embosser can emboss 25 lines per page.  With a top margin of 0, the
embosser can emboss 26 lines per page but the embosser starts
embossing approximately 1 quarter of an inch from the top of the page,
which is too near the top of the page.

Page Mode: Double-Sided

Print Mode: Normal

page number: off

Paper Length 1: 11 inches

Paper Length 2: 11 inches

Z-folding: Off

Group Option Settings

Word Wrap: Off

Auto Line Feed: Off

Form-Feed: Off

Impact Level: 4

Delay Time: 4

Print Quality: Normal

Graphic Dot Distance: 2.0

Text Dot Distance: Normal Pring-out Mode 2.5

Setup: Open

Paper Jam: On

Distance After File: 1

DBT 10.5 Settings:

Global Embosser Settings:

Braiiller Device: Basic-D

Under Brailler Device Edit Button:

General Tab Page:

Embosser Model: Index Basic-D

Setup Name: Basic-D

Default Form:  Narrow Width, 11 inch long, braille paper

Output Options: Write to port

Output to LPT1

Device Settings Tab Page

Embosser Version: Firmware Version II

Left margin (extra cells): 0

Rightmost cell placement: 30

Top Margin setting: 1

Interpoint embossing is enabled: checked

Output encoding: North American

High Punctuation: Uppercase

Letter case: Lowercase

Advanced Tab Page

Job setup, use custom job setup: unchecked

End of line indicator: Carriage Return, line feed (PC)

End of page indicator: Form Feed Only

EOL on a full line: Checked

The last four buttons on this page are unchecked

Returning to the Global Embosser Setup Page

Braille formatting form: Narrow width, 11 inch long, braille paper

Desired formatting:

Characters per line: 30

Lines per page: 25

Top Margin: 1

Binding Margin: 0

Emboss in interpoint: Checked

Emboss Banner page: unchecked

When I emboss a file with the above settings, I do not get a braille
file with 25 lines embossed on each side of the page as I would
expect.  However, If I set the number of lines in DBT to 24, I get a
braille output that has 24 lines of braille on each side of the sheet
of paper.

Please advise me as to how I can get 25 lines on each side of a sheet
of paper, using the above settings.

I have run out of ideas.

Personally speaking, all of the embosser information should not be
contained in one embosser such as "emb.elt".  It would be a far more
sensible and logical, not only to say, more efficient for operating
and troubleshooting reasons to have DBT create an individual file for
each embosser that is installed.


Dave Durber

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