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You are right to point out that the structure of the original Word document
is, in such cases, technically incorrect.

Historically, this has caused problems for DBT users, at least with certain
braille codes.  The problems come up with bold, italics, underline, and
perhaps other emphases, but not presumably with capitals.  (The importing
and translation of capitals is handled in a very significantly different
manner from emphases.)

On the assumption that such oddities in Word files are common, we started,
earlier in this beta cycle to attempt to handle such issues.  The release
notes from Beta 5 announce this with the following obscure entry:
- DBT will now strip spaces before [fte] codes after importing from a Word
document. This should prevent "dangling" end-italic indicators.

However, we're only stripping one or two spaces -- never more.  The approach
we're using requires that we choose a number of spaces beyond which we won't
fix the problem.  How many spaces do you suppose that should be?

And, if you're using beta 5 or newer, and find that this problem happens
with one or two spaces only, then it will help to get me a .doc file that
you've prepared to illustrate the problem.

Best Regards,


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Another British code problem has arisen.

In a word-processed document spaces are not seen in the print and DBT
correctly ignores them. However DBT is treating spaces differently if they
are italicised.

The example below 'This is a test    ' in italics with several italic spaces
at the end. It shows how the closing italics sign is being spaced from the
preceding word.

..,? is a te/ .'

Whilst this error is really due to the error of the originator of the print
it would be better if it did not occur. This error does not seem to occur if
it is in capitals, italic bold, or capital bold. 

David Spybey

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