[duxhelp] Re: Install of DBT on Windows 98 SE

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The embosser selected at installation really doesn't mean anything.  That's
a shortcoming that I'd love to address -- but perhaps you've all been too
effective, because other things keep trumping my getting to this.

The reason that you're even asked what embosser you have is so that we might
install Index printer drivers if you select one of their more modern models.

The reason we list other non-Index models is purely a matter of user
comfort.  But again, there is currently nothing done with the information.

- Peter 

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Hi All,
I installed DBT Beta 3 on Windows 98 SE and encountered the following:
I selected an embosser at install time and the following information "Note"
dialog appeared while installing:
"The printer information from the configuration file is invalid. Using
system default Settings."
Upon pressing enter the following information "Note" dialog appeared:
"Can't find settings file, or file found is an incompatible version.  Using
default templates and global settings.  This is normal for new
The Embosser selected at installation was lost in the process.  I did not
get these messages when installing on Windows 2000 Professional or XP Home.
The second message could be from a fresh install.
FYI to all:
I am able to remove embossers from the Global, Embosser Setup window.  But
to Accept with "OK", you must re-select an installed embosser within the
Brailler Device: list.
Best Regards,

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