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  • Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 22:13:21 -0000

Hi Jack,
Your first request should be easy to do, at least in Word
2003 format.  However Duxbury have the final say in what is
released generally.
The second is partly described in Templates, Default
Templates.  This section does need expanding in the light of
all the additional Templates that have been added.  (Mostly
a default format)
Meantime, if you look at the "initial" Style (where one
exists) you will see changes to the default.  I need to
confirm with Joe/Peter, but I have a feeling the default for
Templates generally speaking is American Literary.


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Hi George:
On my wish-list.
Everything in an exportable format, the complete system in a
series of .doc, .txt  or .dxp--take your pick.
An outline of each template, or a down and dirty way to find
out what styles are incorporated therein.
Not asking for much, zI know.

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        You already know what I want (and I know that it
won't be done for this release).
        I want to be able to pull up the code list (F5) and
hit f1 and get clear and concise help on the code that is


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                I may be about to open the flood gates, or
perhaps a mere can of worms here.
                As we get closer to release, we need to get
the Help files into shape.
                Are there any topics which you feel are
inadequately explained, or missing altogether?
                George Bell.

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