[duxhelp] Re: Four suggestions about DBT Win V10.6

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It appears that your suggestions 1, 2, and 4 below have been addressed, at
least insofar as having some affirmation that we'll work on the problems.

Your third suggestion is implemented for any future betas and releases.
Currently, F1 in either the "frame" window or a document window will just
bring up the table of contents.  George will be here next week to work on
improvements to the online help.  So if believe that a particular topic
should be mapped to F1 for the frame and document windows, we should be able
to address that quickly.

- Peter

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Hello listers,
I sent these suggestions for DBT Win V10.6 to the developers few days ago,
but thought I should also post them here.
1. DBT Win is bundled with a set of scripts for JAWS for Windows. In JAWS
one can press a hot key, Control+Insert+V, to hear the version of the
program which has the focus. However, pressing this hot key in DBT Win
forces JAWS to say: "Version". I suggest that this issue be resolved.
2. Currently DBT Win installs itself in C:\Duxbury.  I suggest that this
path be changed to something like C:\Program Files\Duxbury\DBT Win. Also, it
wouldn't be a bad idea to use My Documents\DBT Docs, rather than C:\DBT
Docs, for the storage of DBT files. I know that one can use the suggested
folder for the latter manually, but using them by default is apparently more
3. When the focus is in the main DBT Win window, I suggest that F1 open the
online help system.
4. When F2 is pressed to enable/disable the "Six-Key Entry" feature, I
suggest that a message be announced to let users know if a press enables or
disables it. If it's not possible to make it part of DBT Win, the JAWS
scripts can provide this announcement properly.
Best regards,

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