[duxhelp] For Autobuild users only.

  • From: "George Bell" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 00:56:20 +0100

If you are not on the Untested Autobuild access list, and if you have a
build earlier than 28th May, please ignore this message.

If you DO have the autobuild of 18th May or later, I really would be
grateful if you could PLEASE take a few minutes to try these steps.

1) Go to Global Embosser Setup.

2) Select "New".

3) In the General Tab, where it now says, "(Please select a model)",
scroll down and select "Freedom Scientific Braille Blazer".

4) Click on OK. (Which will return you to the main dialog.

5) If you happen to have other embossers set up, is the highlight on,
"Freedom Scientific Braille Blazer", or something else?  In my case,
focus seems to be always on the SECOND in the list, NOT on the newly
created Device.

6) Highlight the new device anyway.  Does Form go to "Narrow Width, 10
Inch Long, Braille Paper"?

7) Regardless of above, note setting of Lines per page.  10 inch shows
24 Lines.

8) Now look at Top Margin, which should be zero, and enter a figure of
two, and click O.K.

9) A warning comes up.  Does it say, "Old Format" 2, and "New Format"

10)  Click OK to accept, and return to DBT.

11) Go back to Global Embosser Setup, select the above embosser, and
tell me what the Top Margin is set to?  (Remember, we entered "2"
previously.  On my system it comes back as Zero.

Fine, but we're not finished yet.

12)  With the above embosser selected, change the form to, "Narrow
Width, 12 inch Long, Braille Paper"

13)  Note that Lines per page is now 28, and that we have a Top Margin
of Zero.

14)  Change Top Margin in Lines from Zero again to 2, and press OK.

15)  Warning comes up.  Is it Old Format 2 - New Format 1?  Click on OK.
Dialog closes.

16)  Back into embosser Setup again and select the same Device.  Is
Lines per page still 28, and has Top Margin become 1 (One)?  But did we
not enter 2?

Now I have done this on two separate downloads, and on two separate
machines and operating systems (XP Home and Pro) and I get the same

George Bell.

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