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I've been pondering this a bit.

The behavior that you're now seeing -- apart from the ugliness of the error
message -- is at least somewhat intentional.

What I wonder is, when a user types in a "style name to find" as a style
tag, and a "style name with which to replace it" as plain text, then checks
"replace stylename", just what is the intent?  Is the user intending to
replace style tags in the document with plain text?  With "replace
stylename" checked, that's never what DBT will do.

So we deliberately stopped short of handling the "mixed entry method" case
that you cite, for fear that we'd otherwise be doing something that the user
wasn't expecting.  Perhaps with Undo available, that's not such a big deal.

Anyhow, I have some choices for you (and others who may care to express an
opinion).  Shall we:
  1. Just go ahead and replace the one style with the other, despite the odd
data entry,
  2. Warn the user about the apparent inconsistency, and go ahead with the
replacement if the user confirms it, or
  3. Just clean up the error message?

- Peter 

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Hi all.  With respect to this fix:
DBT's Find and Replace dialogs are more flexible about understanding a
user's intent to search for or replace styles. It is now possible to use
Control-< to enter the style as a tag and check the "Find/Replace style"
If you: 
1. manually insert a style with Control-< 2. put a non-style in the replace
with edit box 3. check the replace stylename checkbox
You still get the error dialog.  The error message isn't very pretty either.
Here is the screen shot of the dialog that appeared when I tried to replace
the para style with the linefeed code -- both of which were manually

And for the benefit of screen reader users, here is the text (which I would
read with all punctuation turned on -- also note the non-printing character
that appears after each open quotation -- JAWS says it's "character 28")
There is no style defined with the name "es~para..  Are you sure you want
to replace all occurrences of the style "es~para. with "l? 
Take care.

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