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  • Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 12:55:37 -0500

Don't forget about other braille files, such as *.bfm, *.abt, and *.acn.


Peter Sullivan wrote on 6/11/2004, 12:38 PM:


Thanks for the concrete suggestion.  Should there also be an "DBT and
Importable Files (*.dxb; *.dxp; *.brf; *.bff; *.doc; *.wp; *.wpd; *.wp5;
*.wp6; *.txt; *.---)" setting?  I believe that this is more in line with
what Ian was originally suggesting.

- Peter

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How about......?

DBT braille files (*.dxb; *.brf; *.bff)
DBT print files (*.dxp)
Word Documents (*.doc)
WordPerfect Files (*.wp; *.wpd; *.wp5; *.wp6) Text Files (*.txt) My files
(*.---)  Where --- comes from a user defined list All Files (*.*)


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 > Jan & Lissa,
 > I'm glad to see some of the trancriber community weighing in on this
 > one.
 > Lissa isn't the only one that uses non-standard extensions.
 > They are in common use in France to distinguish between braille files
 > encoded as North American ASCII equivalents (.brf files) and braille
 > files encoded with a French system (.bff files, as I recall).
 > Lissa and I had come to an agreement some time ago that her
 > non-standard extensions could be part of the "DBT can open these" list
 > of extensions, assuming that she doesn't mind NBP trade-secret
 > extension lists becoming public knowledge.
 > Or what we might aim to do is to allow a local option to define the
 > extension list in an external file.  This, in combination with
 > George's suggestion to make the "Show files of type" list stick to its
 > last-selected value, could make everybody happy.
 > But I'd still need to know what is the most agreeable general list of
 > "File extensions that DBT can open".  Perhaps I should take first
 > crack at definining it.  (It's just a bit busy today.)
 > - Peter
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 > Why would you want to use nonstandard file extensions.  That
 > is scarey.   I
 > also want the file extensions to be associated with its program that
 > created it.
 > Not sure if I am understanding this thread of extensions but I want to
 > see DXP in print,  DXB in braille and I want to be able to choose in a
 > drop box
 > All Files if i want.   I believe 10.4 is already doing this.
 > >>> lissa@xxxxxxx 6/11/2004 11:17:30 AM >>>
 > No! Some of us use non-standard extensions and would hate to see them
 > disappear from the File Open list.
 > Lissa

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