[duxhelp] Re: FW: Re: First braille line after print page indicator is indented two cells in .brf files

  • From: Susan <chrn3292@xxxxxxx>
  • To: duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 10:50:25 -0500


I'm partial to the Word/BANA templates, since I'm the one who created 
them. ;-) The Word/BANA templates help you format your document 
efficiently, especially when you are starting out in Word.

There really shouldn't be any "landmines" once you get used to the few 
little differences in the way these styles work vs. other templates.

For documentation, go to Help | Word Template (BANA), where you will 
find info about both the Word braille.dot and DBT BANA templates. The 
help doesn't specifically state to NOT use [l] after a page number, but 
is implied in a previous paragraph by saying it does create a new 
paragraph within a style.

You said "this stuff is being inserted by the word inputter" ... 
specifically what "stuff" are you talking about? If you send me your 
Word file, I'll take a look at it and see if I can identify what's 


Westmoreland, J. R. wrote on 8/29/2004, 9:13 AM:


Would I be better off to change to the textbook format instead?
Also, what other goodies, landmines?, might I need to be aware of when
using this style?
I obviously need to chase more documentations down on this style...

Another interesting thing is that this stuff is being inserted by the
word inputter and not by me.

Thanks and I'll try what you suggest.

J. R.

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