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Hi all,

This Saturday Freelists will be upgrading their lists server

All Freelists groups will therefore be out of operation for
most of Saturday, but hopefully will be back up and running
towards the end of the day.

Please bear in mind that the Servers are based in America
(East Coast I believe) which is 5 hours behind GMT.  Work is
expected to start between 1 & 2pm GMT, and so in some places
the lists may not be restored until Sunday.

All the best,

George Bell.

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It's been just over four years since our last hardware
g00000.html) and our need for it has never been greater.

Since 11/2001, we've been running on a custom-built server
with 512MB RAM, two PIII/800 cpu's, and some fairly slow
storage.  The fact that we've been able to continue running
on such ancient hardware is, in my opinion, a testament to
the quality of the Open Source software we so heavily depend
Nonetheless, as we've grown, demand for resources has
gradually outstripped the capabilities of our hardware.

For several months now, I've been researching and shopping
for a server that will carry FreeLists for the next few
years.  While there are several servers that make up the
backend here, there's just one that does 90% of the work, so
it's got to be a performant, reliable box.  I nearly went
with Dell for their simplicity, my experience with them
(we've already got an 1850 here), and the fact that they're
so cheap.  Their lack of support for the AMD Opteron CPU
(far better than Intel's 64-bit offering) dropped them from
the running.  

Matrix to the rescue: I was put in touch with a nearby VAR
called Matrix Integration
(http://www.matrixintegration.com), a big HP reseller.
While I can't go into detail on the specifics, let's just
say this upgrade wouldn't have been possible without them.
Their sales people really went to bat for us and put us into
a server I never thought we'd be able to afford.  </plug>

We'll be moving to a roomy HP DL585 with 2 Opteron 850's and
2GB RAM.  The server also provides for upgradeability -- I
can drop in two more CPU's and another 62GB of memory if we
ever need it.  

So here's the plan: We'll be doing the migration on Saturday
the 22nd, starting at about 9am.  It's a complicated
migration and I do expect there to be bumps along the way,
but I plan to have everything operational by mid-afternoon.
During that time, of course, FreeLists' services will be
unavailable.  The rest of the weekend will be available to
finding and ironing out any remaining problems that crop up.

Any questions or concerns?  Please don't hesitate to ask.


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