[duxhelp] Embosser update

  • From: David Holladay <david@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2004 16:24:56 -0500

Embossing is working in DBT 10.5, though there are problems with some
specialized drivers:

I am providing this update to help keep beta testers upto date with the
status of embossing issues. If you know of an issue
not listed here, please e-mail me directly.

1) Elekul Interpoint 55
    crucial .INI files were not created properly in beta 3; these will be
repaired in beta 4. We are anxious to quickly resolve this, to find out if
the fixes that are slated for beta 4 will work. Anyone with an Elekul
Interpoint 55 should contact Peter for access to a build containing the
fixes, or contact David to get an e-mail with the corrected files that can
be manually installed. We await completion of these code changes

2) Braillo
No reports of any problems with beta 3, except some have wondered why our
list of embossers does not contain all the models produced by Braillo. We
will probably make that correction for beta 4 [example, there is no
"Braillo 400S" in our list, if you have one you need to know to select
"Braillo 200"]

3) Dot n Print
Got a very recent report from American Thermoform that interlining is not
working; we await sample files to figure out what the problem is.

4) Nippon Telesoft Gemini
No confirmation whether "manual interpoint" now works with beta 3; changes
were made to give the right control sequence for the flipped side. Further
changes will come in beta 4 to give better inkprint left and right margins

5) Tiger embosser series
In the "its not fixed until we get a confirmation report from the field"
department, we now support the Tiger's manual interpoint by using the
interpoint/no interpoint selection in DBT and automatically change the
Tiger .INI file in the Windows directory. 

-- David Holladay
Your expert in the care and feeding (with ASCII characters) of embossers
978-692-3000 x309
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