[duxhelp] Re: Embosser setup woes

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I started leaning that way myself about an hour ago.

The reason is that adding a fourth panel to the tri-pane dialog, as I call
it, makes that dialog less applicable to a product like QuickTac (formerly
QikTac), which we just acquired.  QuickTac doesn't consider pages in terms
of "lines and cells".

The downside to this approach is that, if you change what paper is loaded in
an embosser, you might have to make the change in both DBT and QuickTac
separately.  But this won't be news to many people -- if you use several
braille programs, you're already used to the fact that few (if any) share
embosser setup information.

I've a follow-on question to this topic, which I'll post in another message
in a moment.

- Peter

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I choose 3.
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        3. Eliminate the redundancy by removing "Default paper size" from
        "Configuration Definition" dialog,


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