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The template solution is far from the only one.  One can, at the cost of an
extra mouse click, simply select both an embosser and paper size on one
visit to the dialog.

I doubt that this will make everybody happy.  I despair of even attempting
to make everybody happy.  So I'm not looking for myriad case studies, but
one consensus.

- Peter 

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Peter, (and Warren)

A "real life" situation has come to a head today and, while it does relate
to 10.5 SP1, it confirms my own (and I think
Warren's) objection to multiple Templates.

I have a major user who, in some departments have two identical embossers on
one floor.

The idea is essentially that if one is busy, they can use the other.

So, they have for example an E.T. set up as let's say, "Admin Embosser 1"
and "Admin Embosser 2".

Their current problem is that settings keep reverting to what we now know
are "maximum", as opposed to "recommended".

But additionally, some departments will have wide paper on one, and narrow
on the other.

And so the problem is compounded.

I have temporarily got round the initial problem by getting them to modify
the emb.elt file.

However, that does not solve the additional problem.

I accept that the Template solution is "workable", as is the emb.elt

BUT, and it is a big "BUT", this means going round dozens of users modifying
a file, or adding Templates.

System admins do not like doing this solution.


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