[duxhelp] Re: Embosser setup woes

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Yes, I do indeed like the fact that when you change embosser selections, the
form size is automatically changed to the default form for the embosser.  In
my mind, that was the whole point of selecting a default form when setting
up a new embosser. I suppose I can understand why someone would be unhappy
if changing their document's embosser resulted in that document being
reformatted.  Which brings me to...

Other possibilities that you mentioned which I like:

1.  Everything else should be changed if the paper size changes. That makes
a lot of sense. People who are changing embossers but not paper size
presumably do not want any changes to take place -- other than the physical
device on which the document is embossed.  People who are changing embossers
and paper size presumably want to use the settings for the new paper.

2.  When settings are changed, the "recommended" values should be used
instead of the maximum values.

Something George mentioned that I agree with:  Changes users make to the
Global embosser settings should be stored somewhere automatically.  Say, for
example, I set the characters per line for my Index to 30 in the Global
Embosser Setup dialog.  Arrowing around in the Global Embosser Setup
dialog's Brailler Device listbox at some point in the future should not
cause characters per line to revert to 34 or 32 or anything else for that
matter.  (Yes I know I can cause them to revert to 30 by editing my emb.elt
file, that's not my point.)

Thank you again for the time you spent helping me understand what was going
on, and listening to what I think should be going on. <smile>

Take care.

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One behavior of DBT 10.5 SR1 which you seem to like is this: when you change
embosser selections, the form size is automatically changed to the default
form for the embosser.  (Note, however, that contrary to rumor, the default
form for the embosser can *only* be changed by using the Edit button to edit
the configuration.  And, even then, OK must be clicked on *both* dialogs for
the change to stick.)

This behavior was not itself the subject of a lot of heartache as far as I'm
aware, because most people who switch embossers to balance load or account
for an out-of-service unit are switching between units that normally have
the same paper loaded.

So we could bring back the old behavior of selecting the default form when
you change embosser selections, but omit the old behavior of changing
everything else in the dialog.  Or perhaps everything else should be changed
only if the paper size is actually different than what it was before.  In
any case, if we go changing other settings, I do believe that we should set
things to the "recommended" settings, not the maxima.

It is a very bad time to make a decision on this, as most of my staff is
unavailable, yet will want to be involved in the decision -- or at least
will be upset if it comes out wrong.  I will try to revisit this next week.

- Peter

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