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One behavior of DBT 10.5 SR1 which you seem to like is this: when you change
embosser selections, the form size is automatically changed to the default
form for the embosser.  (Note, however, that contrary to rumor, the default
form for the embosser can *only* be changed by using the Edit button to edit
the configuration.  And, even then, OK must be clicked on *both* dialogs for
the change to stick.)

This behavior was not itself the subject of a lot of heartache as far as I'm
aware, because most people who switch embossers to balance load or account
for an out-of-service unit are switching between units that normally have
the same paper loaded.

So we could bring back the old behavior of selecting the default form when
you change embosser selections, but omit the old behavior of changing
everything else in the dialog.  Or perhaps everything else should be changed
only if the paper size is actually different than what it was before.  In
any case, if we go changing other settings, I do believe that we should set
things to the "recommended" settings, not the maxima.

It is a very bad time to make a decision on this, as most of my staff is
unavailable, yet will want to be involved in the decision -- or at least
will be upset if it comes out wrong.  I will try to revisit this next week.

- Peter

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Aha!  Okay, I think I get it now.  And that's why, in your response to
Warren, you said to create multiple templates rather than multiple embosser
configurations.  Perhaps my fog is lifting.  If so, allow me to play devil's
advocate -- just for your consideration, not to be argumentative.

What if there is no such thing as *most new documents*?  What if I produce
three categories of documents, and my work is divided equally among those
three types.  My options, as I understand them are:

1.  66% of the time, change the paper width, characters per line, lines per
page, etc.
2.  Create 3 templates, each of which is associated with a different
document category.

Choice 2 definitely seems preferable.  But, hypothetically, let's say that
sometimes I need to work with the Standard Literary Format, sometimes with
Textbook Format, and still other times with BANA.  Now I'm up to 9

With SP1, I have 3 templates and select my template based on the styles and
page numbering I need.  Then, if the embosser I need is not the default
embosser, I can quickly select the embosser I do need, knowing that the
paper width, characters per line, lines per page, etc. are already set up
the way I want them.

If I were in this hypothetical situation, I would want to stick with SP1.

Now this is the last I will say on this matter here because, at long last,
Peter has gotten me to understand that what I was seeing was not a bug and
thus this discussion belongs elsewhere.

Thank you everyone for your patience.

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