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In response to your question, you've based it on a false premise.  You
cannot change the default form and characters per line *for one particular
embosser* in Global, Embosser setup.  What you can change there is the
default form and characters per line *for most new documents*.  The settings
you get for your new documents aren't for "the last embosser you
configured".  The settings really are for the dialog as a whole.

Joanie, you and others have also been very patient with me.  I do understand
that this doesn't work the way most people want and expect.  So I'll keep
tuned in.

- Peter

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Peter, you are certainly a man of extreme patience, and for that I am
grateful. I understand now that:

1.  It is intentional, and the rationale for the change 2.  The Global
Embosser Setup dialog works for the most part the same as the Document
Embosser Setup.
3.  Just because I use only narrow paper does not mean that I might not use
wide later on

I have admittedly played with emb.elt in the past, but two machines I am
currently using have untouched emb.elt files.

You asked:
I'm not sure what you might be missing.  Have you tried switching back from
the Index Basic D to the Romeo?  In this case, will SP1 switch back to the
wide paper?
I haven't tried that yet.  What I just tried in SP2, however, was to start
fresh, removing all embossers.  I then added the Index and configured it as
described in the previous message (narrow width, 32 chars per line).  The
Index is the default embosser, and any new document I create uses the Index
with narrow paper and 32 chars per line.  Not surprising.

Then, I added the Romeo as described in the previous message (wide width
paper, 40 chars per line).  I want the Index to be the default so I selected
that.  ***Now*** Any new document that I create uses the Index, ***but***
with 40 characters per line and the wide width paper.  

Here is what I think I'm still missing:  Why does changing the default form
and characters per line of one embosser in the Global Embosser Set Up dialog
box change the settings of all of your configured embossers so that any new
document you create uses the settings of the last embosser you configured
even if that is not the default embosser?

Take care.

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