[duxhelp] Re: Embosser Setup (again)

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Hi Warren,
This logic doesn't apply in many cases over here.  (No
problem for single-user systems. )
This is why I'm asking for "Roving Profiles" where embosser
setup, etc., applies to the individual logging on to a
network.  Quite simply, my network users are overtaking my
single-users here in the UK.
Example 1.  Student in college, prepares work in college
dormitory on a workstation (where an Index is installed) but
will emboss that work in the Library where two much faster
Thiels are installed.
Example 2.  Member of staff at College, mostly works in the
staff room where there is an embosser with narrow paper.
Often has to work on DBT elsewhere, and bring files back to
staff room for embossing.
Example 3.  Major charity with 4 floors, and at least two
embossers on each floor.  One embosser will or might have
narrow paper for letters, while the other has wide paper for
information sheets, etc..
And so on...........


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                My thinking is that we're OK as-is, because
a user will normally generate a
                template from a document targeted to the
default embosser, paper size, and
                format dimensions.

        I agree with you. 

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