[duxhelp] Re: Embosser Setup (again)

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I think that you are missing the point.  The user doesn't need to know about
the registry.  The registry is just where DBT stores settings that you
adjust through DBT dialogs.  Using the registry, DBT ensures that the
settings you see when you click "OK" in a dialog will be what comes up in
the same dialog when you visit it next.

The non-networked embosser is, I believe, the simple case.  In this case,
because the embosser isn't networked, DBT only needs to be set up to work
with it from one computer.  The registry on such a computer is all that
needs to be maintained, and DBT does this pretty well through dialogs.

The networked embosser is a harder case, because there is the question of
how registry settings should be shared among different machines with access
to the same embosser.

- Peter

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If you do this, is DBT, in some sense, turning back the clock.  Assuming the
average user knows little of the registry, if one had to change something,
how would this be done on a non-networked embosser.

Let me know, if I am still missing the point.


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