[duxhelp] Embosser Setup: Question 4

  • From: "Peter Sullivan" <peter@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 15:02:04 -0500

Warren & Joanie,

Thanks for the quick responses.  When George returns tomorrow from St. Pat's
evening out, we'll hear from him about Question 3.  I'm glad to hear that
the "overload" isn't something you see as a problem.  (Now the programmer
sheepishly admits that it appears that what you've really been asking for
right along is ... exactly what you've been asking for.) 

Here's the last issue (I think).  I remain convinced that we shouldn't be
popping up messages as the user steps through items in a list.  However,
George suggests that we should pop up messages as soon as possible (e.g.
when Tab is pushed or the OK button clicked) if the user enters an invalid
or out-of-range number in the dialog.  So, for example, if the user types
"50" for the number of lines per page, we would immediately correct it
(perhaps to 27) as now, but also put up a dialog immediately.

I'm warming to this idea, though I still don't think that we should put up
such warnings when wholesale adjustments are made to the various values
because the user has switched embosssers or paper sizes.

Question 4 (which is actually two questions) is this:
  - Should we have the popup warnings as the user leaves a numeric field
with an invalid value?
  - Should we have the popup warnings if values are adjusted when the user
changes embosser or paper sizes?

- Peter

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