[duxhelp] Embosser Graphics testing

  • From: David Holladay <david@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 15:10:16 -0500

For past versions of DBT, we have occasionally been hit with problems with graphics.

We have made so many changes to the embossing machinery, it a quite possible that some aspect of graphics may have a problem.

Of course, many models of embossers do not support graphics. But those that do, we want to properly support.

Attached is a graphics file.

To import into DBT, go to the layout menu, then picture, add, then select this file.

It is an image of Bart Simpson, star of the cartoon.

Please give it a try.

-- David Holladay
                             ', , ,
                            _A    @GJV'
                            T       @*R],
                           ,B          .P
                          ,T          ,P
                         0J38-'-      T
                        ;B,-SA @\    _A
                        .RWY2  7.L  ,L
                        ^8' D4-6F ,-T
                         TC       ,Y]
                        _         @4F
                        @D34---6G1 _
                            @H2   ,#4
                              R33JC @V
                              L   ;FCC\'
                             #L   _   @\
                             VL   =    #2
                             _B   ^3TFC]?'
                            ;F      (  _ \
                            )       _  _ ^2
                            L       _  _,0L
                            C(7-----#  #=Q
                             =======P ;N=2
                               L  L _  _
 @1A;B .AY  S^1O_1T;A .AA.B    L  L _  _
                           ,I    ,I9A    ?

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