[duxhelp] Elekul 55

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  • Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 05:58:06 +0200

Hello Peter and David,

I tested the files. (proposed by David).

The results are always the same ones.

I become mad.

Then, like a mad, I cling to the past.

DBT version 2003-07-23


Printer setup in DBT: Interpoint: activated

Maximum of characters by lines: can exceed 40, 50... because paper in roll,
therefore uninterrupted.

Return to the line (auto): not activated

Maximum of lines by pages: 26 (for the format of my paper). Must be able to
be put at 27, 28, 29, 30, according to the width of the paper roll which
supplies the printer. This width determines the maximum number of possible

Characters wished by line: what I want: 11, 29, 30, 45... The printer cuts
paper according to this number of natures indicated (and of the definition
of the margins left and right in print55.ini).

It is what I see on the screen in DBT which will be printed. It is what
gives the width of paper. Therefore, different paper width according to the
number of desired characters.

Top margin: can depend from one Elekul to another? For me: 1

Reliure margin: 0


Configuration of print55.ini

Number of characters per line: must be identical to those "desired" in DBT.

Number of lines per page: must be identical to that "maximum of lines by
page" indicated in DBT

Independently, I can define the left and right- margins (normally for ONA: 4
left in recto-verso or 3 in folder mode, 2 always on the right). Lastly, I
definite mode of impression:

1 (recto alone)

2 (verso alone)

3 (recto-verso)

4 (folder). In this mode, I must also define "MaxPagesInQuire" as multiple
of 4.

In the version Build 2003-07-23 for Elekult, the file dbt.elt informed:

# 41 (added 2001-10-11)

"Elekul Interpoint 55"


  Driver = Elekul55


  Baud = 19200



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