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The link should now be available from the beta home page.

Best Regards,


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I am particularly interested in the MathType feature. However, from the link
on http://partners.duxburysystems.com/beta.asp?product=DBT

"MathType Support

If you have MathType 5 installed, DBT can use it to directly import MathType
and Equation Editor objects (mathematics expressions) in Word 97-2003. (In
fact, if you've also enabled Word 2007 support, as described above, DBT can
use MathType 5 to read MathType objects within Word 2007 files too.) 

To enable this feature, open the file here. This file will modify your
registry to enable DBT to use MathType 5 as a file importing aid. "

I get an error when I click on the "here". Any advice?

David Spybey


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