[duxhelp] DBT 10.6 RC1 has been posted

  • From: "Peter Sullivan" <peter@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Peter Sullivan" <peter@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 01:18:10 -0400

Beta Testers,

With apologies for the delay, I've just posted DBT 10.6 SR1 Release
Candidate 1.  We are skipping directly to the release candidate stage this
time because the software appears to us to be ready-to-release, and we are
eager to keep the beta testing relatively short.

Because the package posted is a release candidate, it is set to overwrite
DBT 10.6 if that is already installed.  I don't believe that this will be a
problem.  But, if you find that the new version has a problem that prevents
you getting work done, you can remove it and re-install DBT 10.6 from your
CD or from the web site.

Barring any problems, you should just install the Service Release from
http://partners.duxburysystems.com/beta.asp?product=DBT over your existing

There are, however, several pre-release features in need of more extensive
testing for later release, so there is plenty to explore.  You can read more
about DBT 10.6 SR1 and the goals for the beta testing on the beta home page
at http://partners.duxburysystems.com/beta.asp?product=DBT

Note that we have had to withdraw one feature previously announced to this
list.  The SWIFT Word Add-In included with DBT 10.6 SR1 will not explicitly
support the new user interface for Word 2007, though SWIFT will operate in
Word 2007 (but expects in general to work with old-format .doc files.)  This
bit of back-pedalling was disappointing for me personally, but was required
to avoid further schedule slippage.  If any of you is working with Word
2007, you can contact me for more details and I can make the version of
SWIFT for the new Word 2007 user interface available to you; it simply won't
be included in SR1.

Best wishes for a happy 2007!

- Peter

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