[duxhelp] DBT 10.5 doesn't close a previously open style when applying a new style.

  • From: Dave Durber <dadurber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 08 Aug 2004 16:13:29 -0400

Hello Peter:

I think that I have found a potentially serious bug that is in DBT

This morning I was working on a file that I had imported from
WordPerfect 8.  Although, it could have been any file that I happened
to be editing at the time.

I used a number of heading and paragraph styles at the top of the

The problem arose when I was using the list style to surround a block
of text that I wanted to be treated as a list of items.  Each item
terminated with a [<] code.

I placed the cursor on the first character of the block of listed
items.  I then went through the normal steps to select and apply the
list style.  This obviously placed the beginning and ending style
codes around the first item in the list.  As I wanted to include more
items in the list style, I placed the cursor on the first character of
the end list style code and pressed the key combination <SHIFT+RIGHT
ARROW> in order to select the code.  I then copied the code to the
windows clipboard with the key combination <CTRL+C>, so that I could
paste the code manually following the last item in the list when I got
to it.  I pressed the <DELETE> key to erase the end list code and
followed that by pressing the <ENTER> key to insert a hard return at
the end of the first item in the list.

The problem was that I forgot to paste the end style code after the
last item in the list, therefore leaving it open.

Following the list was a heading to which I applied a heading 1 style.

I then pressed the <UP ARROW> key to make sure that DBT had placed the
end list style at the end of the list.  To my amazement, it had not.
The list style remained open.  So, obviously, I then pasted the end
style list code manually with the key combination <CTRL+v> which
terminated to open list style.

In versions of DBT up to and including 10.4, where a user, had for
example, opened a list style by typing the open list style code
[es~list.] but did not terminate the list by typing the end list code
[ee~list.] instead leaving the list style open.

Just say, for example, that the next line of text was a heading and
the user highlighted the line of text and the user selected and
applied a heading style to the selected block of text, DBT would
automatically place the [ee~list.] to show that the style had been
correctly terminated.  DBT, however, would not remove the [l] or [<]
codes terminated the last item in the list.  Either the [l] or [<]
would have to be deleted manually.

I hope that this message makes sense to you.  If it doesn't, I dare
say you will be writing back for any clarification that you need.


Dave Durber
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