[duxhelp] DBT 10.5 Beta 5

  • From: Christine Simpson <simpsonc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 14:30:01 +1000

        Hi All,

Further to my earlier note directed mainly to you Karen,

I find that the Alt9 in a DXB file is working as it should and giving good information. (I think that my JFW may just have been slow to pick up the new script).

Re the wrong codes being read with jfw5, this is still sometimes the case. It seems to overlook the first code in a string of codes. If this first code is deleted it reads spaces instead of the codes. It seems that if the first code is the last to be deleted in a string of codes, things read much better. However, it seems that the cursor is being placed on the second code in a string, not the first.

Also, and far more importantly:  I am having difficulty in using styles.

I have for example 10 lines of text.

I want the first to be in h1 style, the second to be in h2 style and the third to indent as it is the beginning of the paragraph.

When I highlight what will be h1 text and apply the style, the closing code is not being spoken, or I think shown.

When I apply the h2 to the next line, the closing h1 then appears. However, there is no closing h2 code and so, all remaining text (with the exception of the new paragraph line which is preceeded with the [p] code is still being treated as heading 2 code and indenting each line to cell 5 (as our template English Australian, blocks h2 text to cell five).

I hope all this makes sense to you as it is long and confusing to explain.

Regards and thanks


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