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  • Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 13:16:42 -0500

If you're going to offer the ability to toggle it on and off, would it
be possible to allow users to customize the duration of the thingy?  I
find myself unable to find the cursor sometimes because it flashed too
fast.  Maybe I'm just too slow, but it would be nice to allow a longer
flash, or for those who want it but don't want to disable it, maybe a
shorter/faster flash.

On a semi-serious note, what about offering alternate "thingies" like
Windows offers alternate mouse cursors.  I was thinking a bunch of big
arrows pointing to the location from different angles/sides would be
I would personally have no trouble finding the cursor then (could one
that it's an accessibility feature then for slow people like myself?).


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There is no way to deactivate it.  I'll sit back and see what kind of
beating I take for that; we could add a way to do so, of course.

- Peter 

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Apologies if this has been asked before...is there a way to deactivate
cursor locator thingy, the moving circle that pops up whenever you
views? I'm not sure what you call it, and it's hard on the eyes when I'm
quickly switching between views all the time. Thanks.


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