[duxhelp] Re: Crash of DBT with a style replacement

  • From: "George Bell" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 12:35:43 +0100

Hi Christian,

You did not say if you were using a Beta, or an autobuild, but this does
indeed appear to be a "Show-stopper".

My tests here were with autobuild dated today June 21st - and Windows XP
Home edition. 

(For Peter's benefit, there is a known problem, not yet fixed, where if
you start mid-document and select ALL when replacing text, it will not
prompt you to search the remainder of the document.) 

In your document, if I do as described in your message, and start
mid-document, but select "Yes" each time, it will work fine, and
eventually ask me if I want to search the rest of the document.  When
complete, I am at the beginning of the document - not where I started
the search and replace.

(Incidentally the additional warning message is actually telling you
that because you have not entered anything in the "Replace with:" field,
and so its value is null, it cannot find a Style with such a name.  I'd
perhaps respectfully suggest a more screen reader friendly message when
a null value Style name occurs)

If I select ALL as per your message, I immediately get an error pop up -
"Internal error in replacing style".  My cursor changes to an egg timer,
which means DBT is busy.  In my case the plane keeps flying until it
runs out of fuel. (battery)

XP's Task Manager tells me that 2 instances of DBTW.EXE are "Not
responding".  Once terminated, the following two errors appear in the
Application Event Log.

"Hanging application dbtw.exe, version, hang module dbtw.exe,
version, hang address 0x00064531".  (Event 1002)

"Fault bucket 115371753". (Event 1001)

Hopefully I've been able to fill in a couple of gaps that will bring the
plane safely back to the runway.  (Smile)

George Bell.

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> Subject: [duxhelp] Crash of DBT with a style replacement
> Hello all:
> These are my handlings. Tell me if I am wrong in any of them.
> 1. I download the MS Word file from the URL 
> http://www.icchp.org/general/downloads.html
> 2. I import my file (named ICCHP program.doc) into DBT 
> choosing "British no capitals" and accepts the MS Word type 
> by pressing OK.
> 3. I press Alt+1 since I wish uncontracted braille (I can 
> read English contracted braille but my readers do not).
> 4. I do not appreciate that several lines have been 
> surrounded by the <compinline> and </compinline> style and 
> decide to replace this style with nothing. For this purpose I 
> do the following:
> 5. Alt+F3 for Coded view.
> 6. F6 for Search/Replace.
> 7. In the "Find" field, I type:
> compinline
> 8. In the "Replace with" field, I leave an empty string.
> 9. I tick the checkbox "Replace stylename".
> 10. When clicking on OK, I get the following message:
> "There is no style defined with the name "compinline". Are 
> you sure you want to replace all occurrences of the style 
> "compinline" with "compinline"?
> 11. I click Yes.
> 12. In the next window, I click on "All" to replace all 
> "compinline" strings.
> And then, DBT crashes like a plane in distress...
> Alt+F4 produces no effect. The efficient solution is the 
> famous Ctrl+Alt+Del!
> I attach this Word file, in case anybody would like to test.
> I'm looking forward to reading your comments.
> Christian

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