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  • Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2006 12:13:38 -0700

Hi George and Mike:

What do you suppose happened?  I've still got the last beta installed, so might 
this be an issue that has arisen between the beta and candidate release?  .BRL 
is also a commonly used extension as well. I use it to specify that the file 
wasn't created in DBT.

Hope it won't hold up too much.


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  Thanks for this, Mike.

  However, your message has brought up another issue, which may well simply be 

  BRF extension are listed in My Computer, Folder Options, File Types, but is 
not associated.

  And, when I go to associate the extension, Duxbury does not appear in the 
list of Programs.

  Any thoughts?


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  Hi George,

  I'm not sure where Jacqui read that, either, but she is right that it refers 
to DBT 10.6 not automatically registering .brf with Windows to open these files 
in DBT as was done by earlier versions.  A user can manually register .brf 
files in Windows to open in DBT if desired.


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    Hi Jacqui,

    I'm not sure where you read that.  Please let me know, just in case we need 
to revise the documentation.

    The following comes from the Help files, which were reviewed by Peter.

    Global: Formatted Braille Importer...
    Keystroke: b from Global menu

    The Formatted Braille Importer dialog is used to inform DBT about the 
dimensions and page numbering conventions of the braille files you wish to 
import. DBT can import BRF files from older DBT versions, as well as PokaDot 
and other braille files. Note that DBT uses these settings for import analysis 
only. In other words, the incoming file will be reformatted to the dimensions 
set in the Global Embosser Setup dialog or template, using the numbering scheme 
set in the Document Menu, regardless of what numbers are filled in here.

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    Thanks for allowing us access to the beta version of 10.6.


    We are very pleased with the new features in 10.6, i.e. undo/redo, autosave 
and change case. The margin bell position is a nice little extra feature!


    We also note that numbered lines and ref.pg.no. have both been fixed.


    We wonder if you could clarify any issues there might be with regard to 
.brf files.  All our braille files which have been produced using DBT 10.3 and 
10.5 have also been archived as .brf files to ensure future compatibility.  Can 
we be sure that these will open in 10.6 and retain their original formatting? 
We read that 10.6 will no longer "recognise" brf files but perhaps this just 
refers to the recognition of extensions in Windows. We emboss archived files on 
a daily basis so this is quite an important issue for us.




    Jacqui Loughrin

    Lee Fung

    Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind

    Auckland, New Zealand.


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