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I would guess, that braille or touch reading per se will have to change 
substantially for those conditions.  Research indicates that haptic perception 
and especially reading braille involves the visual cortex. stimulating this 
apparently interferes with one's ability to read braille. The day is possibly 
not far off where you will be able to wear some contraption that will feed 
directly into the cortex. As far off topic as it might seem permutations of a 
rectangle are still pretty well suited for conveying information.  Maybe DBT is 
only a small step from the days that massive text-books were produced by slate 
and stylus, but a significant step however.

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    Like a cabinet maker
  Like a cabinet maker you want good tools to work with so that making a fine 
transcription is no more labor intensive than it has to be. 

  I look forward to the day when we can abandon DBT and MegaDots and have 
production software that makes braille easier to produce for both the novice 
and the professional.


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