[duxhelp] Re: Beta Installation & XP SP2

  • From: "George Bell" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 18:11:38 +0100

The Autobuild on my SP2 XP Pro at Home certainly
barks at me for lack of Digital Signature.  The
virgin XP Pro at the office didn't bark with the
Beta, though I have yet activate and run the
program in anger.

See message coming about NETINST.


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> George,
> I'm glad to hear that somebody is trying
NETINST.  It's been 
> rewritten completely since beta 3.  (That's
right -- all of 
> the old code tossed, and new code written from
> It's actually just SETUP copied and renamed, but
we had to 
> add a lot of code to SETUP to make it function
in either capacity.
> As for the report about XP, does this mean that
you believe 
> the digital signature is OK?  It's very hard to
tell from 
> here, because I see neither warning that there
is no 
> signature, nor confirmation that there is one.
I have signed 
> SETUP.EXE (rather SETUP-DBT-BETA20040706.EXE),
and will have 
> to get in touch with Verisign if this turns out
not to be 
> working as it should.
> - Peter
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> Subject: [duxhelp] Beta Installation & XP SP2
> Hi Peter,
> You'll be delighted to know that Beta 4
installed OK as a 
> demo on to a virgin Windows XP Professional
system with the 
> latest Release candidate of Service Pack 2.
> (Let me know if you want me to activate in any
particular way 
> - I usually copy my license over, and
re-install, but that 
> may not be the best for
> testing)
> It's also gone on to my XP Home laptop, though I
was confused 
> by being told that it was de-activating, since
> installed, both Beta and Autobuild appear to run
> I still don't know why on my XP Home laptop it
does not 
> default check the SWIFT or BANA Template option,
nor if 
> checked does it error, and nor does it install
> Templates into Word's structure.
> W 2003 Server next as well as a netinst, so
> George.
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