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  • Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 08:18:52 -0700

That's great, no really.  I'm lucky that ctrl-s is an ingrained habit. In my 
neck of the woods if a power pole gets knocked over gets knocked over, we can 
be out for forty-eight hours.  It's a bit dissapointing not to be able to try 
it, but then nothing really works with win98 anymore.  Is this a set of 
routines for the windows kernell or something Mike did?



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  Hi Jack,

  Just imagine.  You've been working furiously on a document, or documents, all 
morning.  You have been so busy, you have forgotten the golden Ctrl + s rule to 
save your work.  Suddenly the mains power goes.  Your thunderous issue of 
expletives blister the paint on the walls.

  But thankfully Autosave was turned on by default, so when the power comes 
back on again, and you run DBT, you are told that there are one or more 
autosaved files.  You ask DBT to open them, and hey presto, there is your work, 
and moreover, it is at the stage it was no more than five minutes before the 
power went off.

  See Global: Autosave Options for the settings, which are fairly self 

  However at this time, it doesn't work with Windows 98 or Windows ME, but the 
Beta log does say this will be fixed before release.


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  Back on board finally. Haven't installed this. What's autosave, anyway. 
Aplauding duxbury in advance.


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    Come on guys!  Where's the round of applause for Duxbury for including an 

    I'm sure they'll be happy to pull it, if none of you want it!  (Smile)


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