[duxhelp] Re: Beta 5 has been posted

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  • Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 00:02:58 +0100

Hi Jack,

As it's 7pm EST, I guess Peter will have gone for Easter, so
I'll step in here.

10.5 can stay on your system O.K., but do remove any Beta
versions installed first, **before** you install Beta 5. 

It would also pay to read the full list of fixes, changes
and additions between Beta 2 and 5 on the Partners Beta

The only other advice I can offer is to take your time and
read each dialog that comes up during installation from
beginning to end.

If you wish, I can forward you all the list messages if you
give me a date from which to start.

All the best,


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Hi Peter:

A monumental crash has left me bereft of e-mail since the
end of March. I
have just downloaded beta five, and will install. The last
one installed was
beta two. I will read the backlog, but should I uninstall
10.5 for optimal
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