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Our current Undo was implemented without detailed discussions of this sort.
We worked mostly on getting it to work without destabilizing the program.
Our hope was that our beta testers would notice little things like this and
discuss them to build a consensus.

So I'll sit back and let that happen; thanks for asking!

- Peter 

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Hi all.  I do not know if this is by design or not, so I'm tossing it out
1.  Do a find and replace for an item that appears multiple times in your
2.  Do NOT choose All; instead, choose Yes each time so that each
replacement is an individual action 3.  After you complete the above and
return to your document, press Control Z to undo.  
Expected behavior (in my mind): The last replacement -- and ONLY the last
replacement -- gets undone.
Actual behavior: Everything that was replaced gets undone
The reason I expected only the last replacement to get undone is because
that is how Word works.  I realize that this does not mean that Duxbury
should work this way as well, though there is something to be said for
familiarity/consistency.  Regardless, I can see another problem with the
current implementation:  All too often when I do a find and replace, I'm a
little trigger happy with the Yes button. <grin> I press Yes and then
immediately realize I should have pressed No.  At that point what I would do
is escape out of the dialog, fix -- or with 10.6, undo -- that last
replacement, and then resume the find/replace.  That won't work with the
current implementation. 
Take care.

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