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Same if you just space between them.
At 04:40 AM 1/13/2007, you wrote:

By the same token if you insert a [/] between Beat and man, it will translate correctly, too for the translator then sees it as two words but prints it as one.


In the F5 menu [/] is called a "Universal Null Command" but that is not documented in help. However in a section called "Prevent Contraction" it says the following:

Prevent Contraction
Code Used: [/]

What does it do?

It prevents a contraction occurring in an incorrect place in a word.

Where would it be used?

In rare circumstances when DBT's translation tables do not properly contract the word in question. This can be helpful when two words are homographs, and the more common word is contracted, so DBT applies the contraction when the less common word is found in your document

Usage in DBT:

The code in line[/]age prevents the ea contraction being used.

Produces in DBT:

,! code 9 l9eage prev5ts ! ea

3trac;n 2+ us$4


DBT's translation tables have been developed over many years. However, as languages evolve, it is inevitable that mistranslation of words may occur.

Should you find translation errors in DBT, which do not comply with the rules laid down by your local braille authority, please do not hesitate to advise us. We will do our best to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

By the way, a homograph is "one of two or more words spelled alike but different in meaning or derivation or pronunciation (as the bow of a ship, a bow and arrow)" in case you were wondering.


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