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That's certainly very similar to the type of problem that we've seen and
fixed since posting beta 2.  I've asked Bob to check your procedure
specifically on any candidate for future beta releases.  I'm guessing that
it is already fixed, but would like to have a more certain answer one way or

- Peter 

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Hi all.  Based on what Peter and Mike have said about new and improved undo
code for Beta 3, the following may already be fixed.  But just in case....
1.  Type the following text pressing Enter after each item:
2.  Go back and assign the paragraph style to each line.  When you view
codes, you get this:
3. Select all and apply the list style to it.  That will give you:
so far so good.  But....
4.  Press Control Z.  You'll lose just the opening list style tag:
5. Press Control Z again and nothing noticeable happens other than the text
becoming unselected.
6. Press Control Z again and you get that code corruption that you sometimes
see in 10.5 and that Anita (I think) reported. Here's the text:
7. Press Control Z again, and a lot more goes away. I get:
8. Press Control Z again, and I get nothing noticeable.  Control Z after
that, and an r appears:
9. Press it a couple more times and a g appears:
The r from step 8 perplexed me, but I thought it might be the end of Pear.
But where'd the g come from??
10. Press Control Z a couple more times after that and the text goes
completely away (which I would have expected)

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