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  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 16:11:36 -0400

Hey DYPers,

So I realized the list of positions was neither complete nor properly edited
to account for changes that we voted on in meetings, so I am now sending
around a better, more complete draft.

I encourage all to look it over and think about which positions you'd like
to run for.  I will attach the text of the positions below just in case
someone doesn't have word.

Also, some things we overlooked.  We had already voted on a description for
Secretary and did so again the week of March 10, 2014 and gave it a term
requirement that was different from that originally voted on: 1 year instead
of 6 months.  Also the description was vastly different, so I combined the
two descriptions.  This should be discussed at the next meeting.
Additionally, we had on our list a position of Clean-up that we never voted
on in a meeting.

REMINDER: Elections are next week at the business meeting.

Happy elections,
Tim Shea
GSR and Outgoing Secretary

General Service Representative
·      1 year term
·       1 year sobriety requirement
·       Represent the group at district meetings and area assemblies
·       Keep group members informed about general service activities in
their local areas.
·       Receive and share with their groups all mail from the General
Service Office, including the newsletter Box 4-5-9, which is G.S.O.¹s
primary tool for communicating with the Fellowship.
Alternate General Service Representative
·       Term and Sobriety Requirement: Same as GSR
·      An alternate G.S.R. is elected at the same time in the event that the
G.S.R. may be unable to attend all district and area meetings. Alternate
G.S.R.s should be encouraged to share the responsibilities of the G.S.R. at
the group, district and area levels.
·      Alt-GSR does NOT automatically become GSR after term.
Treatment Facilities/Corrections Representative
·       1 year term
·       6 month sobriety requirement
·       Take part in local intergroup (central office), district or area
corrections committee meetings
·       Keep home group informed about local Twelfth-Step activities in
nearby institutions and encourage group members to participate
·       Take A.A. meetings into prisons and jails, where allowed by the
correctional facility, to help alcoholic inmates recover and prepare for
sober, fulfilling lives after release
·       As part of the temporary contact program known in some areas as
Bridging the Gap, they may also serve as correspondents and as A.A. contacts
when the inmates are released.
·       Work to help hospital and treatment center staffs better understand
A.A., and to take the A.A. tools of recovery to alcoholics in treatment.
Grapevine/La Vina Representative
·       1 year term
·       6 month sobriety requirement
·      The job of the GvR and RLV is to familiarize members with the
Fellowship¹s international journal
·       GvRs and RLVs participate in the activities of their area¹s
Grapevine committee, announce the arrival of new magazines at the group each
month, encourage members to submit articles and illustrations, and explain
how members can order their own subscriptions.
·      A new GvR or RLV should send his/her name, address, group name and
group service number to appropriate location and will then receive quarterly
mailings containing order forms for the magazine and for books, audio and
other Grapevine items. GVRs and RLVs can also register online at the
Grapevine website.
Literature Representative
·       6 month term
·       6 month sobriety requirement
·       Makes certain that A.A. Conference approved books and pamphlets,
ordered from the General Service Office, or purchased from the local
intergroup (central office), are on hand for meetings and properly
·       Responsible for ensuring group chips to note milestones in sobriety
are properly stocked
·      6 month term
·      1 year sobriety requirement
·      Make sure group meetings maintain order and cover the items on the
agenda during business meetings
·      The chairperson coordinates activities with other group officers and
with those members who assume responsibility for literature, hospitality,
coffee-making, programming individual meetings within the group, and other
vital functions.
Secretary and Archives Rep
·      6 month term
·      6 month sobriety requirement (ORIGINALLY VOTED ON ONE YEAR)
·       Announce and/or mail information about important AA activities and
·       Maintain minutes of business meetings.
·       Maintain and update a strictly confidential file of names,
addresses, and telephone numbers of group members (subject to each member¹s
approval); and know which members are available to visit still-suffering
alcoholics (Twelfth Step calls)
·       Keep a record of members¹ sobriety dates, if the group so wishes
·       Maintain a bulletin board for posting AA announcements, bulletins
and newsletters.
·       Make certain that the General Service Office and other service
entities are informed, in writing, of any changes of address, meeting place
or group officers.
·       Accept and assign calls for Twelfth Step help (unless there is a
Twelfth Step chairperson for this task)
·       Share with group members the mail from other groups and the
intergroup (central office), unless there is an intergroup representative.
·      Make certain that AA Conference approved books and pamphlets are
ordered from the GSO or purchased form the local intergroup (central
office), are on hand for meetings and are properly displayed
·      Responsible for ensuring group chips to note milestones in sobriety
are properly stocked
·      Completes a group history form and submits to GSO.  Maintains all
records of group including business meeting minutes, group announcements,
·       1 year term
·       Sobriety Requirement: 18 months
·       Collects the money collected during the meeting and divides it: 75 %
goes to Alano Club, 25 % goes to the meeting¹s funds.
·       Treasurer safeguards money currently in meeting¹s funds.
·       Gives Treasurer¹s report: Income (last meeting and by month),
Disbursement report, how much in the account, whether or not we have the
prudent reserve, upcoming expenses.
·       Is in charge of disbursement
·       Term: 1 year
·       Sobriety Requirement: 18 months
·       Performs all duties of the Treasurer when he or she is unable.

Public Information/Cooperation with Professional Community Representative
·       6 month term
·       6 month sobriety requirement
·       Work with the local intergroup (central office), district or area
P.I/C.P.C. committee to carry the A.A. message locally
·       Periodically inform their home groups of local activity and may
arrange for group volunteers to participate in P.I. programs requested by
schools, businesses, law-enforcement agencies and other organizations
interested in the A.A. approach to recovery from alcoholism.
·       Focus on cooperation but not affiliation with professionals in the
community‹educators, physicians, the clergy, court officials and others who
often are in contact with active alcoholics. They keep their home groups
informed of area C.P.C. activities and, when appropriate, arrange for group
volunteers to join together in carrying the A.A. message at professional
meetings, seminars, and more.
Event Chair
·       1 year term
·       6 month sobriety requirement
·       Organize fellowship events to be voted on by group
·       All funds associated with hosting an event must be approved by group
(even if funds are donated)
Monthly Meeting Chair
·       1 month term
·       3 month sobriety requirement
·       Arrive to meeting at least 20 minutes early to open group
·       Find a speaker to bring topic/tell story and informs the speaker of
the group conscience¹s decision of the meeting format.
·       Chair meeting
·       Close meeting and lock club
Chip Person
·       1 month term
·       1 day sobriety requirement
·       Appointed by the Monthly Meeting Chair
·       1 month term
·       1 day sobriety requirement
·       Arrive to meeting at least 30 minutes early to make coffee and greet
early arrivers
·       1 month term
·       1 day sobriety requirement
·       Wash coffee mugs and coffee pots/ take out trash, sweep floors if
needed, ensure facility is taken care of

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