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Well, I’ve been doing what I can, which isn’t much. Winter here on Vancouver
Island is wet. Therefore the fields are too wet to work on, so either we go
on the road, or trailer to someone’s ring or indoor arena. And amazingly
enough, we’ve already had some snow, which NEVER happens in November. Of
course it’s gone again, and that’s pretty much all the snow we usually get
for a whole winter, so who knows what’s coming our way!

On the upside, I have a new member to put into the pair (I should explain my
pair are VSEs). She will be 5 in the spring, and apparently has been ‘taught
to drive’ at some point, but has done nothing in the last year. So I started
from scratch, assuming she didn’t know much, but went along quite rapidly as
she accepted everything without question. So now, six weeks after getting
her, I’ve had the cart on for the first time and she took it with a big sigh
and said, “Yeah, whatever you say lady.” I’ve also ground-driven her in the
pair with her experienced partner twice so far, and she’s getting the idea
that she needs to match herself to his speed and quit goofing around. He’s
such a good teacher!

And winter is usually when I try to do whatever vehicle maintenance needs to
be done, so I’ve put my little Wilform jog cart in the shop to give it a
going over. I have some parts coming from Sandee at Iowa Valley Carriage.
She is great to deal with, has a great selection of hardware (and bits!) and
her prices are reasonable. So when the weather improves, I’ll be ready to
get to serious work with this little mare. Oh yeah, and I’ve also ordered a
couple of new driving videos to help pass these very grey gloomy days!

Hope everyone else is coping.

Rachel in BC




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The list has been very quiet lately.  Must be the holiday season.  We have
been busy 'winterizing' here by putting up more shelters and adding more
stalls (I'm busting at the seams), I'm maxed out on room to put horses (I'm
only on 1 1/4 ac).

Its been COLD here - 19 yesterday AM, and only in the 50's during the day
(hey remember this is So. Calif.). 

I got my new Smucker's pony pair/single/tandem harness set up and haven't
even had time to use it yet.  Its only been on the ponies to make sure it
fit!!!   AAAARRRGGGG.  I've had it for 2 months!  I'm going to try and make
time next week....

Hope everyone had a great holiday season,

Trish Demers
Carpe Diem Farm
Hackneys & Sport Horses, training & lessons - driving, riding, sidesaddle,
Lancaster, CA          carpediemfarm@xxxxxxx
Try hard, win humbly, lose gracefully, protest with dignity


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