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  • Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 06:27:33 -0700 (PDT)

  I have had a similar problem with a pair.  Let me say they were "farm 
trained" in that they were used most of their life as a pair to move heavy 
loads at any speed they desired.  Whoa was good, leading is unknown, walk is 
not one of their long time endeavors.
   I put them back to longlines as singles.  Once I established some sort of 
dicipline I put them, as singles, back in harness.  When they give me a hard 
time in carriage I take them out back to longline and make that a HIGHLY 
disciplined activity.  When I put them back in carriage I try to make it a fun 
  In other words going to your stall will be more work than going to the arena 
which will be more work than going out back for a pleasure drive.  I now work 
these pair much more as singles driving and a far amount under saddle.  
  Although not perfect they certainly do listen and thnik twice about wanting 
to stay at home.  
  The only caution I would have is to be certain his actions are not out of 
uncertainty.  If he is reacting out of fear -- fear of being alone; fear of not 
finding my way home; fear of no supper -- then deal with the fear first.
  Plan each activity with a specific goal and make sure it is well diciplined.  
Don't ask for to much at one time. BE CONSISTANT.
  Happy driving..........................................   Al
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For the last 2 years I've been driving two of my Icelandics as a pair. Now the 
mare is pregnant, due in July (yippee!), so I've started driving the lazy 
gelding, Flygill, back by himself in the Meadowbrook. Before working in the 
pair, he was quite nice as a single, seemed to enjoy it, calm and easy. Now 
he's being a horrid little twerp - no, no, I mean he seems to have some issues. 
He's still standing perfectly for hitching and has no problems with whoa, 
but the first time he came forward into the breast collar he immediately 
backing up. He also tried to turn back to the barn, kicked at the whip, and got 
a little "light in the front". When we finally got down the driveway and on to 
the road he went along happily enough, but gave me a big fight every time we 
passed the entrance to the driveway. He's long past this kind of silliness, 
he's been driving for 5 years. Now that I know more, I see that the Meadowbrook 
isn't really a great cart. It has no way to change the balance and even with 
two of us in the cart we can't get the shafts floating. At your best guess, 
would you think he 1) just doesn't want to work (he's never had a good work 
ethic) 2)is finding the Meadowbrook uncomfortable now that he's been pulling 
4-wheeler 3) misses his companion who always does most of the work in the pair 
4)just needs to get back in work after being off all winter or 5)other? Does 
anybody else have problems switching between single and double? I hope this 
problem is still appropriate for the pairs list :)
Blasted Rock Farm


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