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I just saw your post about the rein board. I learned how to make one with 2 
bits, 2 cans of corn for weights, and 2 sets of reins at the Tandem Clinic. 
Just tape the cans to the bits with duct tape and run the reins over a 
blanket bar(or towel bar). Sit in a chair 5-6 feet away and you can see the 
bits move as you work the reins. Also, I have the Tandem book you mentioned & 
I found it hard to understand. I have a better handbook from the Midwest 
Tandem Driving Clinic, with clearer pictures & diagrams. I ordered it from 
the author, Mary Ruth Marks, & I think it was @ $15. Call her at (608) 
845-7490 to order it. 
Beth in PA
Here is a photo of me long-lining tandem.

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