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  • From: Wendy Ying <wendy@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 09:39:44 -0400

>Tandem...much to my surprise, shock, and sometimes unbearable grief, 
>I find myself without a working, competitive tandem--after so many 
>years of CDE / dressage/ and just go for the sheer fun of it/ tandem 
>driving. To those of you trying tandem, go for it; there is no 
>greater joy when it goes well. Conversely, there is no greater and 
>quicker disaster when it does NOT go well. But therein lies the 
>challenge. Drive single, pair, four, unicorn, what have you...there 
>is nothing like a good tandem. Please don't underestimate the 
>dangers--no matter the size or skill of your horses or yourself. 
>Study where you can, with whom you can, and with as many equine 
>combos as possible. Most comparably-trained four-in-hands are more 
>stable than most tandems. When you and two equines can 'talk' in 
>tandem, with precision, and at speed when needed, there's nothing 
>else like it in this little world of ours. Hope to see you all out 
>there again someday.  Happy driving, tandemtiger

speaking of tandem.......

anybody want to go to Gladstone with me ?  I am taking my pony tandem 
for our first CDE and my supergroom/navigator Sarah Bright is running 
off to Haiti with her school....I couldn't believe that Catholic 
schools take field trips to "Hades" !!!!!  anyways....if you are 
skinny and crazy....email me :)

Wendy Ying,DVM
Irish Hobby Farm
Bluemont, Virginia
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